Model nardis

Nr. 46 Oct-Dec 2018

‘Absolutely everything is right with this bass. The finish is perfect, it plays great and the sound is very impressive. […] It’s refreshing that Roks, a relatively new luthier, tries to offer something for every bass player. If you are into unconventional shapes and sounds, Roks has you covered, but with Nardis he hasn’t lost sight of the more conservative players amongst us. The Nardis offers you a great way to completely find your own sound and feel.’

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Model idris 5-string

July 2016

‘The Roks Idris 5-string is a powerful sounding bass with impressive tonal characteristics. The sound of the bass is clearly defined throughout the entire frequency spectrum. It has a very long sustain and is extremely well balanced, despite its extra long scale length. The wood, pickups and other parts work remarkably well together. The result is a dynamic sounding bass with lots of power and rich details in every aspect – a strong bass for strong players.’

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Roks Instruments Unveils the Nardis Bass

No Treble        March 29th, 2018

‘Luthier Axel Roks of Roks Instruments is known for his unique, minimalist designs. But now he’s added his flair to a more traditional design to create the Nardis, a hand-built bass that mixes vintage and modern. […] The Nardis has an ergonomic hand shaped body of either swamp ash or alder. Its hard maple neck is topped with either a maple or rosewood fingerboard that can be inlaid with a variety of options: Pearl, Black & White Pearl, Oyster, Amazonite, Black, Tangle Fiber Black, Lava, or Bordeaux.’

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Bass of the Week: Roks Instruments Microtonal Futura

No Treble         May 1st, 2017

‘We’ve featured some gorgeous basses from Roks Instruments before, but this one comes with a twist. Luthier Axel Roks collaborated with bassist Sanne Verbogt to create a stunning microtonal bass. […] Together they formulated the Microtonal Futura. Based on the builder’s flagship model, the five-string bass features a short 32-inch scale and is tuned E-C. It’s built with an American walnut body, an Italian olive top, a hard maple neck, and a wenge fretboard. No, you’re not seeing double: there are 48 frets.’

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interview axel roks

Nr. 37 July-Sept 2016

‘ ”It is often expected of musicians to perform with a ‘politically correct’ bass, for example an old bass with loads of mojo. However, during a recording at the studio, musicians will often exchange their older bass for a modern one. This is where I come in: I build basses with modern ergonomic features, but with the sound everyone loves in the older instruments. I want to take it to the next level!” No lack of ambition there, and a definite new take on what we like to call the ‘post-vintage bass’. […] ”I’m not trying to copy a sound. My goal is to build ‘neutral basses’, instruments that enable you to build your own sound, without forcing you into a corner. To accomplish this, and to create an instrument that has the looks you’re going for, I select every piece of wood by hand. […] The human body is my starting point, ergonomics and comfort are my priorities.” ‘

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Bass Musician Magazine’s Year of the Luthier – Axel Roks

‘Wood, to me, has to have certain characteristics to be used in guitar building. Which are: looks, density and feel. All of these factors contribute to the final outcome of a bass. Wood is a wonderful material in all its diversity. I love to use woods I’ve never worked with before. […] Essentially every bass I make is a signature. Every bass is created in close collaboration with its future owner, from selecting the woods to the finishing.’

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Custom Shop: Roks Instruments                      

No Treble

May 19th, 2016 

‘Earlier this year we featured the Roks Instruments Futura bass as a bass of the week. It garnered so much interest that we decided to get the inside scoop on the company with luthier Axel Roks. Based in the Netherlands, Roks describes his basses as “tools for musicians created in the twilight zone between craftsmanship and artistry.” One look at his lineup of instruments will prove his point. Each bass has lots of character while maintaining a focus on playability. […] ”I strongly believe that an instrument should inspire you to play. Not just by flawlessly translating your ideas into sound, but also tingling you senses on a creative level. That’s why I always try to create an instrument in close collaboration with its future owner.” ‘

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