Nardis is a bass inspired by tradition and infused with the Roks flair and engineering. The result is an instrument that is conventional and progressive at the same time. It provokes you to play and will fit perfectly in every musical style and situation; making it the ideal tool for the working musician.

“I’ve very seldom come across a bassguitar that sounds so beautifully balanced like this one.”  –  De Bassist Magazine, 2018


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This is Nardis

Sleek body style. The body of Nardis is made to be as ergonomic as possible. It is shaped by hand to give a uniquely comfortable playing feel. Only the best pieces of Alder or Swamp Ash are used for optimal resonance and stability.

Passive electronics. To the contrary of most Roks basses, Nardis’s electronics are completely passive.  Two volume pots and a master tone, shielded with copperfoil, are the familiar controls. They are finely tuned to work with the pickups and to provide maximal flexibility.

Pickups. At the heart of Nardis you’ll find these pickups made by Häussel. They represent Nardis’s character perfectly: modern but with a traditional familiarity. The sound is very dynamic with a tight low-end. They are Hum-cancelling, shielded and are fitted in an Ebony casing.

Matching headstock. Nardis is made with an obsessive attention to detail. A small sign of this meticulousness is that each Nardis comes standard with a matching headstock.

roks nardis

Two-tone markers. Each side-dot consists of two parts: a white or black core with an aluminium surround. The aluminium shimmers in low light situations while the core helps visibility with bright lights.

The bridge. Harmonical interference between the strings is greatly reduced, resulting in a clearer and more defined sound. All the components of the bridge are fastened down, allowing for maximum transfer of energy.


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Body Wood



Inside the workshop of Axel Roks


My goal is to build instruments that enable you to create your own sound, without forcing you into a corner. I value a close collaboration with the client from selecting the wood, to the finishing.  A Roks bass is shaped in such a way that it fits your body and enables a comfortable and stable playing position. It should inspire you to play and suit your personality, therefore  every bass I build is a signature in its essence.