About the Luthier

Luthier Axel Roks was brought up in Breda, The Netherlands, in a household revolving around two things: Music and Cars. Navigating between mastering the bass guitar and restoring classic cars he quickly developed a unique skill set.

From this twilight zone between craftsmanship and creativity he founded Roks Instruments. His extreme attention to detail and drive for perfection quickly earned him the respect of established names in the business from players to reviewers.

Alongside all the guitar building he remains a great automotive and design enthusiast. Gaining inspiration from Arne Jacobsen as well as Giuseppe Busso.



The human body is the starting point for any Roks bass. They are shaped in such a way that they fit your body and enable a comfortable and stable playing position. Every model has its own ergonomic concept, check their individual pages for more information about this.


Making music is a creative process, so your instrument should inspire you not only by its sound but also through its looks. Designing a custom instrument is the way to consolidate your own creative ideas with your instrument.


A Roks bass is built to let you speak with your own voice instead of imposing a certain tone upon you, utilizing the most resonant pieces of wood and the highest quality of component available.