Creative Collaboration – Sanne Verbogt

Sanne Verbogt’s Microtonal Futura is the result of a dream to push the boundaries, explore possibilities and to create the unknown.

Age 9, Sanne started her career in music as a drummer, a few years later she picked up the bass guitar and never let go. In 2014 she graduated with the highest honours from the Rotterdam conservatory Codarts. In 2016 she graduated cum laude, and became the first Master of Popular Music at Codarts. Parallel to her master study in Rotterdam she started her master study of Instructional and Educational Sciences at the University of Antwerp. She combines all of this, not only through her own music, but through scientific research and her teachings at Codarts.

It might be obvious by now that Sanne is quite the prodigy.


Sanne started to see structure in music at the beginning of her conservatory study, which eventually led to her own music theory method: SV Method.

Microtonality was the next step on her path of musical growth, but she quickly hit a very practical obstacle: the regular bass guitar isn’t made for this. A fret-less instrument would have been the simplest solution to explore the distance between the frets. By removing all the frets, not only the timbre of the instrument changes; it affects the feel and requires a different playing technique.

We opted to strike a balance between innovation and tradition. It was very clear in the beginning that this shouldn’t be a bass with just a lot of frets, but a well designed instrument. We kept a lot of the traditional aspects but infused it with microtonality, resulting in a fretboard with 48 frets instead of the traditional 24, finished in silver for the traditional frets and gold for the new tones. Corresponding with the two tone frets, we found a way to accent the frets by using aluminium and brass side dots.


Sanne Verbogt is an experienced clinician and keen on sharing her knowledge, please visit or for more information.

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