Bass for Phae,

Born on the 11th of January 1979 Phaedra Kwant grew up in Rozendaal, a small town in the east part of Holland. At eight years old she chose to play the cello, which at the age of twelve she exchanged for the bass guitar. It became clear to her that music was the passion of her life and that the only thing she wanted was to become a professional musician.

After grammar school she studied bass guitar and Double-bass at the Amsterdam Conservatory. In 2004 she graduated “cum laude” and so she became the first female Master of Music on bass guitar in Holland. During all these years Phaedra has been playing in all kinds of bands, and all kinds of styles. She also wrote lyrics and music for many different artists. She combines all her skills when she plays and sings her own music with her own band. Then she really is “Phaedra Kwant”.


Phaedra’s personal Futura was crafted to suit her melodic bass playing. Her bass is equipped with a high-C string to expand harmonic possibilities. Making it a great tool for playing chords and composing. As with any customer commissioning a Roks bass she was deeply involved in the creation of her new instrument. She selected all the wood personally and the bass was carved to her preferences. We both wanted to personalize her bass in an original manner. After some brainstorming we chose to inlay a badge that Phaedra got from her parents when she was a kid. By using crystal clear resin the badge seems to float in glass, creating a very unique look.

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