Idris is one of the first models that came from the Roks Instruments atelier. It was designed for dynamic tonality and playability. Many prototypes where made to further refine the design and ergonomics. Only the best materials and components are used to construct Idris. A remarkable feature is the slightly concave back, greatly improving playing stability and balance. Idris is a true custom instrument, every finished bass represents the tastes and preferences of the owner.

“A powerful bass with impressive tonality” Gitarre&Bass Magazine (July 2016)


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This Is Idris

Truly Personal. Your Idris is only limited by your imagination. From the smallest details to the boldest statements, your Idris will be as unique as you are.

Bass bar pickups. These powerful humbuckers are distinguished by their huge dynamic range. They translate the tone of your instrument incredibly consistent.

The neck joint. Often overlooked as an influencer on sound. This neck joint is designed in such a way that it maximises the transfer of vibrations between the neck and the body. Resulting in a more even frequency response and more sustain.

The Preamp. The electronics are engineered not to interfere with your own sound, granting you both freedom and control. Switch seamlessly between earth shaking lows and pristine highs.

Refined Curves. The back of Idris is slightly concave. This brings the strings and the right hand closer to the player’s body, which contributes to a more natural angle of the wrist. Stability and balance are also positively affected by this curvature. This means less energy is spent holding the neck at the perfect playing position, even in more energetic situations.

Single Bridge Design. Harmonical interference between the strings is greatly reduced, resulting in a clearer and more defined sound. All the components of the bridge are fastened down, allowing for maximum transfer of energy.


These features are all the result of many prototypes and rigours testing. They should however be considered as suggestions. If you have particular wishes regarding your custom instrument, feel free to ask.

Download the specsheet.