Futura’s first appearance was at the Dutch Design Week where it was part of a special exhibition. This first prototype was received well amongst the design loving crowd and laid the foundation for the second incarnation. The curves were slightly tailored to enhance ergonomics but the profound looks remained.



Futura is available in two distinct designs, with or without aluminium support. Both options are crafted to be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. 


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This is futura

Poised Profile. The striking silhouette of Futura exudes elegance and grace, suggesting its source of inspiration, feminine beauty.

The Preamp. The electronics are engineered to be as flexible as possible while not interfering with your own sound, granting you both freedom and control.


Bespoke. Each Futura is crafted in close collaboration with its future owner. Making it an extraordinary collaboration between patron and artisan. Every request is realised with absolute devotion to the will of the patron. The result is a bass guitar like no other. 

Ergonomic prowess. Every single feature has been designed to create a relaxed playing experience. The concave body that wraps around the musician, ideal proportions and a perfect balance, all contribute to this.

Bass bar pickups. These powerful humbuckers are distinguished by their huge dynamic range. They translate the tone of your instrument incredibly consistent, not restraining your musical expression.

Single Bridge Design. Harmonical interference between the strings is greatly reduced, resulting in a clearer and more defined sound. All the components of the bridge are fastened down, allowing for maximum transfer of energy.

These features are all the result of many prototypes and rigours testing. They should however be considered as suggestions. If you have particular wishes regarding your custom instrument, feel free to ask.

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