Instead of ordering a custom made Roks bass, there is another way to aquire one of my unique instruments. The basses listed on this page are brand new and are built with the same high level of quality as a custom bass. These instruments are available right now and can be shipped worldwide.

Idris 5 string #1802

This bass is clearly one of the most dynamic sounding instruments I have made so far. Every note on this bass sings. The low B-string sounds tight and powerful while the higher strings sound warm and airy. This bass features a Bubinga top, that is finished with high gloss lacquer. This makes the wood looking truly three-dimensional; it alternates between dark red and hues of gold as a result of the light hitting the wood. The Maple neck is finished with a special satin lacquer, which makes for a very comfortable playing feel.



  • Swamp Ash body
  • Bubinga Top
  • Maple Neck and Fretboard
  • Matching Headstock


  • High gloss lacquer, Satin Neck
  • Bassbar Humbuckers
  • Semi-parametric 3 band eq
  • Black hardware
  • Gotoh Tuners


  • Quality hardcase
  • Toolset
  • Certificate



  • If you are interested in purchasing this instrument, please make a reservation and I will be in touch with you shortly.
  • Download the specsheet

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The bass featured in this video is built to the same specification, and gives you a good impression of the sound: